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Misuse of Power Of Attorney

A “Power of Attorney[1]” is a legal document through which one person, known as “the donor”, authorizes a second person, known as “the attorney”, to act on their behalf.  The document grants power to the attorney to step into the donor’s shoes and to act on their behalf relative to legal and financial matters. The

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A reservation of rights letter[1] is an insurer’s notification to an insured that there may be none or only limited coverage for a claim under the insurance policy. Such a notification allows an insurer to investigate or even defend a claim to determine whether coverage applies (in whole or in part) without waiving its right

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A high fence in British Columbia may be helpful when a homeowner has children or even a dog, but what if the fence crosses onto the neighbour’s property?  Even more difficult is when a neighbour’s building crosses the property line or creates a safety concern. Section 36 of British Columbia’s Property Law Act[1] offers a

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Real Estate Purchase Agreements

A purchase contract is a key document in a Vancouver real estate transaction. It speaks to the rights and obligations of the parties with respect to a real estate transaction involving “fee simple” land or a state property.  It is also an exchange of promises to do something in the future.  As soon as those

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Joint-ownership of a recreational property is not always easy. Peaceful co-existence within a family can sometimes be more fantasy than reality when family members disagree on the use, improvement or transfer of partial ownership interests in a vacation property. Vacation Property Ownership Agreements Recreational land can end up being owned by a number of family

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Land Co-Ownership Disputes

What happens when two people who own property together (joint tenants or tenants in common) can’t agree on what should happen to their land.  When co-owners agree to list the house for sale and to divide the profits, or alternately implement a buy out of one owner’s share, the process can be fairly easy and

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Vancouver Land Ownership Rights

The price of residential real estate in the City of Vancouver and surrounding communities continues to increase at a staggering rate. This is especially true for single-family homes where figures released by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver[1] for February 2016 show a 27% year-over-year increase for single-detached home prices in Metro Vancouver. Property

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When a person dies with a properly written, signed, and witnessed Will in place, the administration of the estate usually proceeds without difficulty.  Unfortunately, some people die without a Will or with a Will that is invalid due to the failure of the Will to conform to the ‘formal’ requirements for a valid Will established

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What is Undue Influence Section 52 of The Wills, Estates and Succession [1] Act (“WESA”) creates a presumption of undue influence in relation to disputed wills where certain types of relationships exist.  That section speaks to undue influence and provides as follows: “In a proceeding, if a person claims that a will or any provision

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Disinherited Spouses and Children

A person’s last Will is a very important document.  It sets out the Will maker’s intentions for the distribution of all of their property upon his or her death.  Once the Will has been probated (proved to be valid), the executor appointed by the Will maker has the duty of paying the debts of the

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There is a saying that “good fences make good neighbours” and that may be the case for most people.  However, in a region such as metro Vancouver where an ever increasing number of people are trying to live on the same finite land base, the potential for ‘unneighbourly’ disputes is also increasing.  Disputes are not

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Joint Property Ownership Disputes

The Purpose of Joint Property Ownership in Vancouver Real estate is among the most valuable assets that the average person will purchase in his or her lifetime. For many, buying a piece of land, a house or a condo involves the pooling of resources with another person. This relatively common scenario can often allow people