Fraud, unfortunately, is a widespread problem that victimizes many innocent people.  We have experience assisting individuals to recover money lost in the following types of situations.

Investment fraud

A dishonest stockbroker or financial advisor can manipulate their client’s affairs so that the client’s money is paid to the advisor who thereafter spends or absconds with the money rather than investing it appropriately on behalf of their client.  Suing the dishonest advisor is one option.   This, however, may not result in the recovery of the lost funds because the advisor has no assets or has left the country.  In many cases, recoveries can be made because the dishonest advisor was employed by, or sold investment products on behalf of, a reputable financial products firm who may have some legal liability for a dishonest advisor’s actions.

Fraud committed by family members

Elderly or disabled people who give others (often family members) control of their financial affairs, through powers of attorney or joint ownership of bank accounts can be victimized by those in whom they have placed that control.  If you have been defrauded by a family member, we can assist in the recovery of your money.

Frauds committed on people with reduced mental capacity

Persons suffering from a reduction in their mental functioning can also be victims of frauds by both family and non-family members.  These frauds include transfers of land or other property that are induced by the person receiving the property.  Often, they fail to pay anything or only a fraction of the value of the property.  One of the remedies we employ to assist our clients in this situation is to apply to the Court to have the transaction set aside pursuant to the Adult Guardianship Act.



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