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Flowers on the Wall | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

Most people understand the benefits of a will and the problems that can arise in the absence of this critical document. However, many Vancouver residents still do not have a will directing the final disposition of their assets. What should you do if your parent dies without a will? Here’s what you need to know

Keys to Your New Home | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

Property disputes between brothers and sisters or other family members can cause hostility and long-term or permanent damage to relationships. Whether property is jointly inherited or purchased, ensuing conflict and controversy can lead to indelible problems. By working with a lawyer experienced in family property disputes, you gain the best opportunity to resolve the cause

Property Line Disputes in Vancouver | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

One of the biggest frustrations a homeowner can face is a dispute with a neighbour over property boundaries. Property line disputes with neighbours can lead to ongoing hostility and controversy that cause stress and even can make it difficult to continue living in an area. If you’re involved in a property line argument with a

Types of Elder Abuse | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

Types of Elder Abuse

Senior adults who suffer violence, sexual assault, neglect, financial fraud and other forms of mistreatment — often at the hands of family members or paid caregivers — are victims of elder abuse. No official crime called “elder abuse” exists. However, the many types of exploitation that elder abuse encompasses often are criminal acts that can

General vs Enduring Power of Attorney | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

Throughout life, many situations arise in which you may need to appoint someone to act for you in legal and financial matters. Purchasing property, executing contracts, and attending to your personal affairs if you become disabled all stand as reasons you might want to give a designated representative legal authority to act for you. If

Vancouver Landowner Disputes | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

Disputes regarding the ownership and use of land can have extremely serious financial consequences and can affect the way you are able to enjoy your property. For this reason, these disputes can quickly become acrimonious and often result in litigation. Although  land ownership disputes can involve disagreements about who owns a particular parcel of real

Taking Care | Holding Hands | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

As people go through life, they may develop illnesses or sustain injuries that affect their ability to manage important decisions regarding their healthcare, finances, or other affairs. Some of the issues that can result in mental incapacity include Alzheimer’s Disease, a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, or dementia. In situations where the person has

Property Owner Disputes | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

Many people in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia choose to purchase real estate with another person, usually for property investment purposes.  Family members can also find themselves jointly owning land as a result of an inheritance or a gift made as a result of an estate plan.  One of the important aspects of joint or

Support | Holding Hands | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

Misuse of Power Of Attorney

A “Power of Attorney[1]” is a legal document through which one person, known as “the donor”, authorizes a second person, known as “the attorney”, to act on their behalf.  The document grants power to the attorney to step into the donor’s shoes and to act on their behalf relative to legal and financial matters. The

Denied Sign | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

A reservation of rights letter[1] is an insurer’s notification to an insured that there may be none or only limited coverage for a claim under the insurance policy. Such a notification allows an insurer to investigate or even defend a claim to determine whether coverage applies (in whole or in part) without waiving its right

Section 36 Of British Columbia’s Property Law Act | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

A high fence in British Columbia may be helpful when a homeowner has children or even a dog, but what if the fence crosses onto the neighbour’s property?  Even more difficult is when a neighbour’s building crosses the property line or creates a safety concern. Section 36 of British Columbia’s Property Law Act[1] offers a

Real Estate Purchase Agreements | McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

Real Estate Purchase Agreements

A purchase contract is a key document in a Vancouver real estate transaction. It speaks to the rights and obligations of the parties with respect to a real estate transaction involving “fee simple” land or a state property.  It is also an exchange of promises to do something in the future.  As soon as those